The Importance of
Effective Communication

In the business world, communication is crucial– especially for consultants like Rich Gorman who deal with a large number of projects and a vast array of clientele.

How Chess can Teach
Life Lessons

Rich Gorman and many others see this ancient activity as more than just a game– it is a game that offers insight and advice on how to live.

Innovative Consultant

A man of many talents and a professional in many areas, Rich Gorman has built up quite a great reputation for himself as a marketing, sales, and even systems development consultant.

The Man Behind the Career

From marketing and sales to systems development, Rich Gorman contributes his expertise to the diverse facets of each and every account he works on.

Relationship Building and SEO

The practice of search engine optimization, or SEO, is a very data-driven field. Sometimes, that is a real detriment; search professionals become so obsessed with their own analytic reports, with building links and tracking traffic, that they lose sight of how to behave like actual human beings! This is a shame, and it is also counterproductive, because often, forming meaningful, lasting relationships is the best way to ensure long-term SEO success.

People vs. Links

SEOHere is an example of how an obsessive data focus can prove hazardous to any search campaign. We all know that building links is an important part of SEO success. As such, a lot of search professionals spend a lot of their time seeking out websites where they might obtain these links.

The thing is, websites do not grant links; people do. It makes more sense, then, to search for people than to search for websites. You can do this on Pinterest, on LinkedIn, and on other social platforms. Do a search for a given keyword, related to you vertical, and find the people who have those keywords in their bios. Reach out to them, and work on relationship building; the links will come with time.

Striking Up a Conversation

 Another tip is to remember that you are usually better off striking up a conversation, cultivating the relationship, and then asking for a link. Would you ever ask someone to marry you, immediately upon meeting that person? The answer is, probably not—so why would you ask for a link right off the bat?

Instead, send a friendly, conversational e-mail to the person. Ask a question about one of the person’s recent blog entries. Show that you have some common interests. Let the conversation flow naturally, and then you will find yourself in a better position to ask for a link.

Act Like a Real Company

Relationship BuildingAbove all else, you might remember this advice: Act like a real professional, working for a real company! A real company is not going to submit a crummy, spammy article to a database, just to try to get links. A real company is also not going to send a form letter to 500 bloggers, asking for a link.

Instead, a real professional will work to build relationships. That is what leads to links, and that is what leads to SEO success. It is amazing how many of us, in this industry, forget that!

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Direct Marketing Consulting Review

Aug 21, 2013 by Anthony

Rich helps add to our direct marketing strategy with social media and SEO. Hi advice on Instagram was right on and the service was very good. It was a big help.

Great and Useful Content

Jul 24, 2013 by Stacy

These articles are rich with great content in terms of your opinions, tips and input on SEO and business. I will be coming back to read more that's for sure.

Striking up a conversation

Jul 20, 2013 by Mikey D

Nice site. Lets see more on the social media pieces and networking ideas. Does Instagram really matter? I dont think it is as relevant as you say


Jul 20, 2013 by Steve P

Rich, what is your take on linkbuilding. I still do a lot but dont like the quality I see. What is Google's stance and where should I switch my spend?

Best Design

May 29, 2013 by Linda G

Awesome design, congrats on the new site!!

5.0 5.0 5 5 Rich helps add to our direct marketing strategy with social media and SEO. Hi advice on Instagram was right on and the service was very good. It was a big help. Relationship Building and SEO
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